Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Cycling Kit!

Here's the design for the 2009-2010 Caltech Cycling kit. It's pretty amazing, and clearly ripped off from the Cervelo test team. Thanks to Jeff for making this incredible kit design a reality. Buy him a beer or beers.


Scott said...

Also, there is a note that women's bibs will be ordered as MEN'S sizes. Please disregard this. I was mistaken about the minimum order details.

To reiterate: WOMEN: order your NORMAL, WOMEN'S sizes. If there's any uncertainty, leave a note with your checkout/shipping instructions.

tom_h said...

Kit looks great! Superb design job.
:thumbs up:

I've just ordered ordered bibs, jersey, and wind vest -- looking forward to delivery.

My bike club ( has been using Capoforma for several years, and I've been very pleased with Capo's quality, materials, and construction.

- Tom H
BS 1974

John McKeen said...

Scott, I'm waiting! It's 30 C and I need a kit!