Saturday, May 31, 2008

Scott and his date with Honu

"Crosswinds, headwinds, tailwinds, heat, humidity and chop were the name of the game at this year's Ironman 70.3 Hawaii."

Read Scott's race report.

Ironman 70.3 Hawaii is today! The race is already underway and I will be posting Scott's splits as they are updated. You can track all the other athletes here. Apparently, it is very windy there (it is Hawaii), but Scott is very strong on the bike. So although he may not end up with a fast time, he should post a solid bike split relative to the other competitors.

Swim: 1.2mi, 39:45, 2:05/100m (Age Grp. place 14/Overall place 407)
T1: 3:06
Bike: 56mi, 2:32:51, 21.98 mph (6/100)
T2: 2:28
Run: 13.1mi, 1:52:07, 8:33/mi (5/120)
Total: 5:10:17

It looks like Scott came out of the water about :27 behind his brother, but had a much faster transition and is already in front of him. This should be exciting as the race progresses... Scott is killing it. A great bike split for windy conditions. Holy mother... He put some serious distance between himself and his brother. About 30 minutes now, but his brother's strength is the run... Macca is already done, winning for the 3rd year in a row. He finished in 4:04:22 (S 25:26; T1 1:49; B 2:13:52; T2 1:49; R 1:21:26)!... Scott just finished with 5:10:17. Looks like he had a rough run, but he still managed 5th Age Grp. and 120 Overall. Not bad sir, not bad. Your brother is still racing, so that means you won that battle. Also, it looks like you will only need 1 or 2 roll-downs to get that Clearwater spot. My fingers are crossed...

Monday, May 26, 2008

New Race Results and Sponsorship Brochure

There has been a lot going on the past couple of weeks. As we all know, Bonelli #2 was cancelled, but Playa del Run #2 Santa Monica was scheduled the same day. As far as I know, only Diana and Oliver were out competing. Diana took home 2nd in her age group, even though she had a tough day. You kick ass Diana! Overall results are posted here and age group results are here. The overall winner, Craig Pansing, is an absolute stud. Shout out!!...

This past weekend, I competed in the Brentwood 5k/10k which was a ton o' fun. I ran the 10k and finished 26th overall (out of 681) and 3rd in my age group with a time of 38:11 (PR). I wanted to break 38:00 but I suck and somehow couldn't manage to go :12 faster. Overall results for the 10k are here with division results here.

And right now, Chris K is running in the Laguna Hills half marathon and Emily in the 5k. Click for results. Emily cut a whopping 3:00 from her previous 5k time (I think she's been sandbagging in her previous races) and finished in 26:52 (PR). Chris also made significant improvement from his last half marathon, finishing in 1:35:11 (PR), better than 12:00 faster than his Rose Bowl half marathon. All these races will prove to be very valuable experiences when Chris tackles the San Francisco Marathon in August. I wish I had done something similar before my first marathon. Perhaps it wouldn't have been such a disaster if I had any clue what I was doing.

So it looks like everyone had a great weekend of racing. Scott leaves on May 29 to race in Ironman 70.3 Hawaii, on May 31. This is his first half-iron distance and I know he put in some great training. Here's to wishing you a fantastic race! I'll be following you online and posting your splits. I can't wait for you to drop the hammer down on the bike. Git 'er done, Scott.

Finally, the last bit of news is that Emily and I finished putting together the sponsor's brochure (it's two pages so be sure to scroll down). The plan is to send this out to the various potential sponsors we posted about (much) earlier this year. We will be including letters with each brochure requesting any specific types of support, etc.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

LA Tri #2 at Bonelli Park...cancelled?

...coming this weeked. Stay tuned for more.

I just received an email (this same email went out to the triclub email list, thanks to Lenny!) regarding the race this weekend. This is what it said:

"Last night we learned that our May 18th triathlon might be canceled because of the Mt. Baldy Fire. The firefighters are using Bonelli Park for a rest area. Today it was confirmed that our event is canceled. The fire fighters have commandeered the north side of the Park (where our triathlon was scheduled) making it impossible to go forward. One of the reasons for the north shore is that there is an area where the fire fighter prisoners could be located. I am absolutely convinced that the Bonelli Park Staff are not to blame for this action. We will roll over the entry in the May triathlon to June 8th or to our event on October 5th. We were overwhelmed by this news and we stand to lose a substantial sum but when one considers the problems in China, in Burma, Florida, and the tornado states our problems pale by comparison. We will contact as many triathletes as possible but we could use your help in passing the word. Thanks for doing that. Bill Fulton and the Tri Events Staff."

It is indeed cancelled. Please visit the event website for more info.