Sunday, September 21, 2008

A great success!

Congratulations are in order for John Meier, the newest County Scroll Winner of the Clydesdale division in the LA Tri Series at Bonelli Park. Mr. Meier has probably run out of shelf room with all the Clydesdale medals and awards he has raked in this year. In his words, "Being fat is awesome."

Congratulations are also in order for Diana Smirnova, who finished 2nd overall, and 1st age group in the Playa del Run Points Series. Race #6 happened this morning, and Diana smashed the women to take 1st overall and move her up the points series rankings. Oliver Buccicone also had a great race, finishing 7th overall (followed very closely by Diana!) and 1st age group. I finished 19th overall and 2nd age group behind Oliver. The same trio raced in PdR #3 earlier this year and all qualified for the Aquathlon World Championships.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Visit the Triclub at the 2008 Campus Life Carnival and Club Fair

The 2008 Campus Life Carnival and Club fair will be held Saturday, September 27 on the Beckman Mall. Be sure to stop by the triclub booth to see some of the equipment we have for checkout, the new race uniform we've been working on, and to sign up to be a part of the multisport fun! The more members we have, the easier it is to organize group workouts for all experience levels.

As far as I know, Scott will be the only one at the booth (I'll be in Colorado for a wedding) to answer any questions you may have, give you some general info and the low-down on the triclub.

When school starts back, we will be organizing a meet & greet/social gathering/information session on the triclub and triathlon in general. The plans are starting to come together so make sure to stay tuned to this website or sign up for the triclub email list so you don't miss out on the details.

More info about the Club Fair can be found at this url:

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Add another race to the list: Nautica Malibu triathlon weekend

There are two races in Malibu this weekend: the Nautica Malibu olympic distance on Saturday, and the traditional Nautica Malibu sprint/celebrity race on Sunday. I think the only member of the Caltech community that is competing is Scott Hersey. If I'm wrong and forgetting someone, please let me know. I'll get results and reports up as they come in.

Scott Hersey (olympic distance)
Swim: 1.5k, 28:46
T1: 2:08
Bike: 40k, 1:02:24
T2: 1:27
Run: 10k, 38:33
Total: 2:13:19 (Age Grp. place 2/Overall place 24)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The biggest weekend in our short [recent] history

This coming weekend is full of races and full of Caltech athletes competing in those races. In order of event distance, we have (participating athletes and unofficial results listed after race):
Big K
The Big Kahuna Triathlon (half-IM; 1.2mi S/56mi B/13.1mi R) - Santa Cruz, CA

John Meier
Swim: 1.2mi, 41:08.5 (Clydes. place 12/Overall place 500)
T1: 5:13.0
Bike: 56mi, 2:34:47.1, 21.7 mph (1/77)
T2: 1:55.4
Run: 13.1mi, 2:04:05.9, 9:28/mi (4/399)
Total: 5:27:10.0 (Clydes. place 1 of 19/Overall place 217 of 847)

Jeff Hanna
Swim: 1.2mi, 37:38.6 (Age Grp. place 33/Overall place 334)
T1: 4:12.7
Bike: 56mi, 2:40:25.0, 20.9 mph (12/131)
T2: 0:52.8
Run: 13.1mi, 1:34:33.6, 7:13/mi (5/36)
Total: 4:57:42.8 (Age Grp. place 7 of 61/Overall place 71 of 847)

We will get race reports up soon. The short story was that the bike was into a strong headwind heading north to the turnaround and the run finish on the beach was brutal. We both qualified for the USAT Halfmax National Championship to be held in Oklahoma City in 2009 (at the Redman). Scott is competing in this year's race that he qualified for at Ironman Hawaii 70.3 earlier this year. All of these races were our first attempt at the half-iron distance.

LA TriLA Triathlon (olympic; 1.5k S/40k B/10k R) - Los Angeles, CA

Steve Vass
Swim: 1.5k, 32:36
T1: 4:02
Bike: 40k, 1:13:56
T2: 2:30
Run: 10k, 52:02
Total: 2:45:03 (Age Grp. place 4/Overall place 411)

There were also friends/family of the triclub competing in this race. Oliver finished in 2:40:07 (2nd AG/327 O'all) and Craigalicious in 2:02:12 (yeah, he's fast!).

Portage Lakes TriPortage Lakes Triathlon (olympic) - Akron, OH

Emily McDowell
Swim: 1.5k, 28:37 (Age Grp. place 3/Overall place 93)
T1: 3:49
Bike: 37k, 1:22:39, 16.7 mph (5/160)
T2: 2:37
Run: 10k, 1:01:34, 9:56/mi (6/155)
Total: 2:59:16 (Age Grp. place 6/Overall place 158)

Pacific Coast Triathlon (sprint; 0.5mi S/12mi B/3mi R) - Newport Beach, CA
Pacific Coast Tri

Matt Eichenfield
Swim: 0.5mi, 16:28 (Overall place 315)
T1: 2:24
Bike: 12mi, 36:20 (110)
T2: 1:42
Run: 3mi, 18:49 (43)
Total: 1:15:43 (Age Grp. place 11/Overall place 105)

Valerie Scott
Swim: 0.5mi, 18:08 (Overall place 480)
T1: 3:02
Bike: 12mi, 43:47 (549)
T2: 1:41
Run: 3mi, 25:18 (523)
Total: 1:31:56 (Age Grp. place 13/Overall place 515)

Congratulations to all! I will get any race recaps posted within the next week. Don't forget to buy some Bear Naked granola products! They are delicious, nutritious, and an excellent snack. Come talk to me if you want some free samples.