Sunday, April 27, 2008

Boston Race Report and LA Tri #1

For anyone with any desire to run the Boston Marathon, it's worth every bit of work you have to put in to get there. You can find my Boston race report here. Here are my 5k splits (searchable results for the marathon are here):

5k: 23:01
10k: 46:03
15k: 1:08:54
20k: 1:32:05
Half: 1:37:01
25k: 1:53:31
30k: 2:15:14
35k: 2:38:17
40k: 3:00:43
Finish: 3:10:14

I feel pretty good about my race considering the training that went into it (and the fact that I was hit by a car in Feb.). I'm still hoping to break 3-hrs in the Grandma's Marathon in June.

LA Tri #1 at Bonelli Park is happening now! It is already very warm and the air is filled with smoke from the Chantry fire that started yesterday afternoon. As far as I know, no one has been injured in the fire, and there has not been any property damage. Let's hope things stay that way. Results here.
John Meier - Championship #1 - 1:21:31 (1st in Clydesdale Div.)
Emily McDowell - Championship #1 - 1:48:05 (Wrong turn on the bike!)
Scott Hersey - Championship #1 - 1:10:41 (2nd in Age Grp., 6th Overall)
Jeremy Emken - Championship #1 - 1:35:33

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Individual Time Trials and Upcoming Races

We had two members compete in individual time trials this past weekend. John Meier won the Men's Collegiate D category at the 11-mile UCI ITT, Santiago Canyon on Saturday, April 5. Apparently, he almost missed his race and was penalized ~20s for starting late. But in his words, "I was racing n00bz so it didn't matter." Results here. Club president Scott Hersey also raced on Saturday, in the 40k Piru TT Series. Results for that race can be found here. Scott finished 4th overall and 1st in his age group (out of one; which also means he was last), crossing the line in 1:00:41 with a first-half split of 30:05. The Piru Series has many races left, all with a 40k on Saturday and a 20k on Sunday.

The LA Tri Series at Bonelli Park is starting up soon! We have several members competing in the entire series, and others just doing one or two of the races. As far as I know, these people are racing:
John Meier - Championship Series
Emily McDowell - Championship Series
Scott Hersey - Championship #1 & #2
Jeremy Emken - Championship #1 & #2
Jeff Hanna - Championship #3
Jorge Palamara - Express #2 & #3

The Playa del Run Series is kicking off soon too! These are really fun and a lot of good stuff is given away at the end of each race. Let me know if you're planning on doing any of these and I'll post it here.
Here's what we have going on for the PdR races:
Diana & Oliver - #2 Santa Monica
Jeff Hanna - #4 Playa del Rey, #5 Solana Beach
Emily McDowell - #4 Playa del Rey, #5 Solana Beach

I'll be running in the Boston Marathon on Monday, April 21. If you're at all interested in following my progress, I'm bib number 3546.