Thursday, July 2, 2009

Breath of Life Ventura Triathlon

I know we've had people out racing all season, but I've just been slow to post results and to be frank, I don't know who all has been racing! We've had so many new members and there is so much going on that I've lost track. If anyone wants their results posted, just email me and I'll get them up.

With that said, there were several Techers out at the Breath of Life Ventura races this past weekend. The event features both sprint (400m swim/20.4k bike/5k run) and olympic (1.5k swim/40k bike/10k run) courses that are flat and fast (if not windy). I would highly recommend the event because it is very well organized (at least this year it was!) and your race fee is donated to a great cause. Aside from lots of cramping and very little sleep, this is what happened this weekend:

John Doyle 1:07:32, 2nd M55-59, 33rd Overall despite battling a teetering bike saddle
Oliver Buccicone 1:02:39, 1st M25-29, 10th Overall and a blistering swim

Steve Vass 2:34:17, 5th M60-64
Jeff Hanna (me!) 2:08:44, 7th M25-29, 30th Overall
Alberto Stochino 2:22:47, 17th M25-29

More results and splits by following this link. Note that transition times are included in the bike split.

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